A statement of purpose is the oil to the engine of your application! It is sometimes called a personal statement, letter of intent, motivational letter, and many other names used to address it.

Your Personal Statement is one of the essential documents submitted to the University Admission Committee. It is an essential piece of an undergraduate and postgraduate school application that tells the University Admission team who you are, your academic and professional interests and how the program you are applying to aligns with your career goals. It speaks on why you deserve to be a part of their community because this creates an opportunity for the Admissions team to get to know you and understand how you will add value to the school.

Your essay has to be written by you because no one else can tell your story as well as you. On this note, you need to convince the application officer that you are the best fit for the program in their institution and that you have done your research, have the required knowledge, experience and that you are passionate about the course and not only want to travel out of the country.

Tips for writing a succesful Personal Statement​

  • Introduce yourself (be clear and direct)
  • Tell your story; relate your previous course/subject and experiences to your chosen course.
  • Describe your professional goals and how it aligns with your chosen course of study (how relevant is it to your future).
  • Explain your research about the course program, school and country and how it aligns with your short and long-term goals.
  • Write a strong conclusion.
  • Always proofread!

Strive to leave a lasting impression on the committee because it determines the success or failure of your application.

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