Congratulations on a successful application process! It has been one of your lifelong dreams to study abroad, and you have achieved it.

It is one thing to get your visa and it is another thing to abide by the rules on which your visa was granted. The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland is a nation that prides themselves on adhering to rules. Offenses are not allowed to slide.

As an International student, you are being monitored and any little offense can result in serious repercussions. For this reason, we advise you to abide by the rules and regulations. Remember you are a TEMPORARY GUEST as an International student.

Below we have compiled some of the mistakes to avoid;

Avoid Missing Classes

Your visa is a study visa for a reason. Studying is your sole purpose for being there. Missing classes without a legitimate reason can put you in trouble with the school authorities and you will be reported to Visas and Immigration.

Working more than the permitted hours as a student

Stick to the job guidelines. International students are only allowed to work part-time for 20 hours while school is in session and 40 hours during holidays. Working more than the required hours is a serious offense. Are you wondering how they will find out? Well, measures have been put in place to track this.

Missing payments like living bills & levies

Remember the UK or Ireland is not Nigeria. Pay your bills when required and on time! They do not joke with it.

Frivolous Living

This is a time to be frugal with your spending. Take advantage of the student discounts. Do not spend unnecessarily.

Flouting rules and regulations

Drop the rule-breaker Nigerian mentality at the airport. The UK  and Ireland are strict with their rules and there are serious repercussions if taken lightly.

Exceeding your study visa stipulation

Leave when you are required to leave as stipulated in your visa. Do not overstay even by one week! This can hamper future visa applications and may result in a ban. You can always come back and re-apply.

Accessing public funds

Avoid accessing public funds as an international student. These are benefits meant for citizens and accessing them might affect your post-study visa application.

Not asking questions

Ask questions! An African proverb says “he who asks questions never loses his way”. If you are not sure about anything, speak up. Do not let ignorance get you in trouble.

Not widening your network

Join student clubs, attend school functions, and interact with people from other backgrounds. Leave your comfort zone. Remember that connections go a long way in helping you.


Be it classwork, assignment, thesis, projects and so on. Plagiarism is a serious offense and you can be expelled from school. Always reference your work with the proper referencing style required by your school. Plagiarism is an academic theft and they do not joke with intellectual property.

Not acquiring relevant job experience

Get jobs that apply to what you are studying. If you are interested in Tech, apply to jobs related to tech, not jobs like health care. Remember, you have to build relevant experience to increase your employability prospects.

Not having a plan

“A man without a plan is a man without direction” – Rod Cornelius. Now that you are in the abroad studying, what is next? Always have a plan and direction. Have a goal. Do not go with the crowd, choose your path.

Avoid feeling like you are entitled

No one owes you a dime at your study destination. It is not Nigeria where it is believed anything goes. Be mindful of the way you interact with people, always be respectful, and do not claim what is not yours. Don’t forget why you are there.

Do not commit crimes

PLEASE remember your visa is at stake. Avoid committing a crime and do not be an accessory to one. Report to authorities immediately if you witness any. Do not make the mistake of bribing anyone; you don’t want to get a ban and be deported from the UK or Ireland.

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