“What is a Post-study stay-back visa?”

“Can I stay back abroad and work after the successful completion of my studies?”

Or “Would I go back to my home country and pick up the life I left back?”

Well, I guess these questions have had a replay in your head a million times but I’ve got good news!

With a post-study stay-back visa, you can stay & work in the UK without any restrictions!

On the 1st of July 2021, the UK government opened a route known as the Graduate Route. So this means that, as an international student, the graduate route/Visa allows you to stay and work after completing your studies/program in the UK.

Here are five important points to note about the UK post-study route:​

  • International students who have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate program will be able to stay back two years to work.
  • Ph.D. graduates are not left behind as they are eligible to stay back for three years to work too!
  • This route is open to students with a valid student visa or a Tier 4 (general) student visa.
  • This will not require any form of sponsorship.
  • Your higher education provider (university or college) must confirm you as a successful graduate of its institution.
  • A new visa application will be required for the Graduate Route. The application will only be possible in the UK.
  • For the fees, the Graduate Route attracts a visa payment fee of £700 and an Immigration Health Surcharge Fee of £624 for each year.
  • During the two years (or three years), you are eligible to switch to the Skilled Work Route once you have found a suitable job. (To learn more about the Skilled Work Route, click here).