There are two things an average Nigerian fears the most: parents and a visa refusal. And while we can’t help you with the first because that is subjective, it is our pleasure to take it upon ourselves to help you avoid the latter.

Below, we have listed the required documents for a Successful UK Visa Application;

  • University Support Document (CAS Statement)
  • Academic Documents
  • Personal Bank Statement
  • Tuberculosis Test Certificate
  • Birth Certificate & Sponsorship Letter (if sponsored by a parent)
  • International Passport

CAS statement

CAS is an acronym for Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. It is a document issued to students by the university. This document or letter comes with a unique number called the CAS number which is required for your visa application and will be found in the CAS statement email you receive from the University.

Well, this is how it works; after getting admission from a particular university and paying the initial deposit of your tuition fee, the university will apply to the UK government’s UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) for your CAS number, confirming that they have made you an unconditional offer of a study place and that you have accepted this. UKVI will then issue a CAS number for you.

You cannot begin your student visa application without a CAS statement.

Academic Qualifications

After you have been issued an offer letter and CAS statement, you are requested to send those documents along with your application to the UK embassy for verification. These documents include your BSc certificate, BSc transcript, reference letter, WAEC/NECO, and IELTS certificate (if required).

Personal Bank Statement

The funds you need for your entire stay in the UK as an international student should cover your course tuition fees for the study year and your living costs. This proof of funds includes either your living expenses if you have paid your full tuition or living expenses and the balance of your tuition fees in the case where you have paid just a portion of your school fees.

Please note that only personal bank statements are accepted. The account should be either a savings or current type and not older than 30 days from the printing date. Corporate bank statements will not be honoured.

Tuberculosis Test Certificate

Your test should be done at an IOM center recommended by the UK embassy. For instance, in Nigeria, the IOM centers approved by the UK are in Abuja and Lagos State.

Birth Certificate & Sponsorship Letter

If you are not self-sponsored, a sponsorship letter needs to be submitted to show that consent is given to the funds in his/her account to cover your education or living cost. Also, your birth certificate is needed to show proof of your relationship with your sponsor.

International Passport

The data page of your international passport is also required. An expired passport will not be accepted. Hence, it is advisable to go for renewal before beginning your process.

Please keep in mind that if additional information is requested or your credibility is in doubt, the UK embassy will schedule a visa interview to ascertain whether your intentions to study in the UK are true. This takes between 20-30 minutes.

Should you already have an offer and are looking to study in the UK this September and require additional guidance, Kindly click here to schedule a visa session with one of our counselors.